Technology FAQs

Who do I contact if I have a computer problem?

For Technology assistance you should contact the Service Desk by calling 281-891-6357. Service Desk hours are Monday through Friday 7AM - 5PM. You can also put in a workorder in Service-Now.

What is my username and password?

Your username is a combination of your first and last name. It will serve as the first part of your Spring ISD email account. ( Your username can be looked up in the email system by other staff members.

Your password, if you are a new hire, will be the first 3 letters of your username (first letter is capitalized)+last 4 of your social+1. Example: jsmith99 will have a password of Jsm####1, where the #### are the last four digits of their social. Please use the requirements noted in the next question when creating your new password.

What are my students username and password?

The student's username are last name initial, legal first name initial, ID number. example: John Smith: (SJ01234567). The username will serve as part of the email address for students, and students would need to use their email address for ChromeOS devices.

The default password is the students date of birth in YYYYMMDD format. Example of July 1, 2014: 20140701

What are the password requirements when I change my password?

Your password must be:

  • Contain at least 8 alphanumeric characters.

  • Contain at least one upper and lower case letters.

  • Contain at least one number (for example, 0-9).

  • Contain at least one special character (for example,!$%^&*()_+|~-=\`{}[]:";'<>?,/).

  • Cannot contain your username or parts of your full name that exceed 2 consecutive characters.

  • You cannot reuse one of your last 5 passwords.

The new password may not contain any portion of your name or be a password you have used in the last 365 days. Passwords may be reset from the staff portal,, by clicking on the User Account Management icon under the Account tab. For assistance, please contact the Service Desk to have your password reset to a temporary password.

I forgot my password, what can I do now?

If you do not remember your password, you can reset your password. If you are on the district network, from the computer login screen, press CTRL + ALT + DEL. Select Forgot My Password and answer the series of pre-defined questions. If you are not on the district network, you can go to and select "Click here if you have forgotten your password". Once you have answered the questions, you will be prompted to change your password. Passwords must meet the requirements listed above. .

Where do I login to get my email?

Login to the the Spring ISD portal to access your email. With a district computer, click on the mySpringISD icon found on your desktop. If you are at home, you can go to and login using your username and password. Click on the Mail icon in the Google tab on the bottom of the page. You will also find several different icons and applications there that are available to you anywhere you can access the Internet.

What are Google Docs?

Google Docs is an easy-to-use online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor that enables you and your students to create, store and share instantly and securely, and collaborate online in real time. You can create new documents from scratch or upload existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. There's no software to download, and all your work is stored safely online and can be accessed from any computer.

Why can't I change the appearance of my computer (i.e., system settings)?

Maintaining standard settings throughout the District helps minimize downtime when problems occur. Using the standard settings keep the memory usage to optimum levels.

I need more toner for my printer.

Your school is responsible for the cost of replacing the cartridges.